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CusomizeCreate a campaign for your release in 2 minutes using the new Phonofile Campaign Page!

Phonofile is continuously working to improve our label services by building new services, analytics- and marketing tools – for you and your partners to reach out to a bigger audience.

Our latest development is the Phonofile Campaign Page – a brand new campaign page generator now available to all labels in our Label Login. We’ve seen that there is a clear need among our labels for more effective creating of campaign pages for online campaigns. So we decided to build a free, top notch campaign page generator: An easy way for you to promote your releases – without having to spend time and money on web development.

With the Phonofile Campaign Page tool you will be able to create a fresh campaign page for any given product with just a few simple steps. The generated campaign pages you produce can be used as a landing page for your social media campaigns, for your Google Adwords campaigns or any other campaign you might want to run, and all other places where you may find it beneficial to have a campaign page. In addition, the Phonofile Campaign Page enables you to track all traffic on your pages – and of course you will be able to customize the design to suit your brand.

We hope you like our new service! See how it works here!


The Nominees for Phonofile Nordic Music Prize


The Phonofile Nordic Music Prize is an annual award for the Best Nordic Album Of The Year, inspired by the British & Irish Mercury Prize and introduced in 2010. The prize was initiated by by:Larm in Norway, the most important conference and showcase event for the wider Nordic music industry. Former winners are Jónsi (ICE), Goran Kajfes (SE), First Aid Kit (SE), and most recently The Knife (SE).

We are happy to announce a collaboration between Phonofile, by:Larm, GramArt and Music Norway as a sponsor for by:Larm’s well renowned music prize. The winner of Phonofile Nordic Music Prize 2015 will receive a NOK 30.000 check, provided by GramArt.

The 12 nominees are (read more…)

Video giant YouTube launching new premium music and video service

screen-shot-2014-11-12-at-1-09-23-pmPhonofile is happy to announce that we have entered a deal with Youtube Music Key, through our membership in Merlin.

Merlin is the increasingly more important non-profit negotiation partner for the independent labels and distributors, securing fair agreements for the independent sector.

“Youtube itself has 1bn monthly visitors. We hope this can be a great opportunity for reaching new audiences and growing the overall market”, says Phonofile MD Erik Brataas.

Youtube Music Key is the beta launch of Youtube’s long announced music and video subscription streaming service.
The service is available to costumers in the USA, UK, Finland, Ireland, Italy and Spain, and is expected to roll out to more territories in the near future.

Phonofile has already done all necessary test deliveries and are currently uploading the catalogue.

About Merlin:

YouTube Music Key in the press;

Full report by MusicAlly:


Phonofile Insights – Charles Caldas on Youtube, market share gaming and more


Phonofile Insights is a series of in-depth interviews with prominent indie music industry thinkers, focusing on relevant subjects for the industry of recorded music.

Charles Caldas interviewed by Eamonn Forde, reports editor at Music Ally and freelance music business writer.

Charles Caldas has been CEO of Merlin, the global digital rights agency for independent labels, since it was established in 2007. With so much rapid change happening in the music industry, we invited Charles to outline both the challenges he faces and the opportunities he sees today, to explain how he feels the indies must work around accelerating consolidation and hear why he believes that streaming is the future – despite what Thom Yorke might say.

Merlin’s remit is to represent and negotiate on behalf of indies globally, acting like a “fourth major” so they get the best possible deals from the multitude of digital services that are either in the market or launching soon.



Indie Label Organizations Speak Out Against YouTube


The Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), the organization that represents the interests of the global independent music community has responded to news that YouTube intends to block the content of members who do not sign a new music streaming agreement describing it as ‘unnecessary and indefensible’ .

YouTube is expected to launch a new music streaming service. The service has apparently negotiated separate agreements with the three major labels – Sony, Warner and Universal – but according to WIN’s trade association colleagues has yet to reach any substantive agreement with their members.

At a time when independent music companies are increasing their global market share WIN has raised major concerns about YouTube’s recent policy of approaching independent labels directly with a template contract and an explicit threat that their content will be blocked on the platform if it is not signed.

According to WIN members, the contracts currently on offer to independent labels from YouTube are on highly unfavorable, and non-negotiable terms, and undervalue existing rates in the marketplace from existing music streaming partners such as Spotify, Rdio, Deezer and others.

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