ATLANTER Photo: Kaja Bruskeland

The People

From the music and the tech industry, Phonofile has chosen its employees to meet tomorrow’s challenges.
Given our revenue we are a small and effective team.
Our team members reflects the skills expected from a growing company in the field of music and technology.



Erik Brataas

Managing Director


Trond Tornes

Marketing Manager


Jarle Savio

Strategic Marketing


Mona Fimreite

Digital Marketing Specialist


Pernille Dragsten Holden



Rune Danielsen

Label Relations


Johan Husvik

Music Supervisor


Knut Bøhn



Trond Stian Førde



Magnus Solvåg

Senior System Developer


Per Øyvind Øygard

System Developer


Troels Kjeldgaard

Country Manager Denmark


Jimmy Andersen

Marketing Denmark


Daggan Stamenkovic

Country Manager Sweden


Torny Gottberg

Marketing Sweden


Malin Sverker

Marketing Sweden

Dan Garber

Dan Garber

Sales Manager UK


Greg Vegas

Label Manager USA

Phonofile US LLC


Dejan Boskovic

Phonofile Balkan Representative

The Phonofile story

Phonofile was founded in 1999 by FONO – the association for Norwegian independent record companies – and TV2. Phonofile Online was the first service we offered, a b2b service where professional users could search for music based on a variety of criteria’s and download the music files. Very innovative at the time. In 2000, NOPA became a shareholder, and thus further connected Phonofile as a commercial company with creators and rightsholders In 2002, Phonofile launched, the first legal download service in Norway offering no less than 30.000 tracks. From the beginning, offered WMA files with DRM encryption with all the complications it involved, but changed later to offer MP3-files. Through the musiconline-platform we also offered

white label stores for individual labels that could also sell physical products (CDs etcetera). When iTunes launched in Norway 2005, Phonofile was well prepared, and was able to deliver what we considered as large quantities of music files from independent labels from day 1. In April 2010 Phonofile merged with Artspages, another Norwegian distributor and competitor.

The merger gave Phonofile power to focus more on growth in the Nordics and system development. Artspages also owned Beijing Artspages, a Chinese subsidiary with one employee. In August 2010, Phonofile merged again, this time with the Swedish download service Klicktrack. One of the goals with this merger was for Phonofile to establish an office in Stockholm with good people on the ground in

Sweden. In 2011, Phonofile started collaboration with the Danish company Volcano Management, who’s representing Phonofile in the Danish market. In 2012, Phonofile launched the new Klicktrack service. A white label webshop and facebook app for labels where they can sell music as MP3, FLAC or hires (24/96 and 24/192), and also sell physical products. Today, Phonofile is one of the oldest and most experienced digital distributors. We represent more than 1.000 independent labels covering an enormous variety of styles and genres, mostly from the Nordics but also from all over the rest of the world. We provide high quality distribution to all the big music services in the world, as well as delivering content to many niche services.

Truly Independent

Phonofile is a proud member of the independent music industry community, owned partially by the Norwegian indie association FONO, and member of Merlin where Phonofile’s managing director is currently serving as a member of the board.

As the market gets continuously more global we see that the market place is dominated by fewer and stronger companies.

The concentration of market power is a continuous threat to musical diversity and might challenge indie labels’ access to the market.

Phonofile’s ambition is to be a strong participant in the market place, focusing on transparency and constantly working for the best possible terms for independent record labels and their artists.

Global digital music distribution

Phonofile works world wide with delivering music to all important digital music stores like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Wimp, Google, Beatport, Juno Download, Traxsource and other niche and DJ stores.Outside of the main offices in the Nordic countries, Phonofile also works with music from Serbia/Balkan, Balticum, Ghana, South Africa, the Arabic world and for some selected labels in the US and the UK.


Main shareholders