Add sales points to your products!

October 23, 2015 12:09 pm

As a global digital distributor Phonofile has the possibility to pitch products to a wide range of digital music stores, playlists and campaigns. When communicating a priority release to the stores, we are asked for “product sales points” describing why a specific product/release should be prioritized or get extra promotion in the stores. To be able to do the best possible job when pitching releases, we need you to give us the good sales points when uploading a new priority release.

4-5 bullet points (in English) describing your artist / release.

Tell us why your product should get priority status / extra promotion in the digital music stores. We will use this information when pitching your releases to the digital music stores, playlists and campaigns.

How to add sales points to a product?
You can add sales points when creating a new product or add sales points to an existing product.

1) When creating a new product:
Click “Description” and “Sales points” to add your sales points.

2) Add sales point to existing a product:
Search for a product in your catalogue. Click on the product  title to view product.
Click on “Description” and “Sales points” to add your sales points.

Example sales points: 
Some of these might apply to your particular release. Remember, even if it is not a pop music release, it can have some genre specific good sales points. Place your strongest sales point at the top of your list.

  • This is one of the most popular artists in X genre
  • This is one of the most popular solo artists in X market
  • New single “X”, due for release January 25th 2016
  • New studio album “X” in pipeline, due December 2016
  • This is a platinum act and #1 selling artist in X territory
  • This artist has X million streams in “X” music service
  • We are using X agency, X management, X, Y, Z promo agency/publicist
  • This artist has X streams on their latest YouTube video
  • This artist was the lead-singer in “X”, who sold more than X albums
  • This is the artist’s third solo album (two last albums entered #1 at X album sales chart)
  • Strong fan base and huge following. Close to X likes on Facebook.
  • Frequent touring in UK and key markets are UK, US and Scandinavia (playing solo shows and festivals).
  • Extensive touring spring / summer 2016
  • Featuring [famous artist] B on track X Artist will be playing X, Y and Z festivals
  • Sync will be worked by X, previous syncs has been X,Y,Z

Sales points are sent to music business professionals only, and should be written with that in mind!