Build your Campaign Page with Phonofile

Create a campaign page for your release in 2 minutes using the new Phonofile Campaign Page!

Phonofile is continuously working to improve our label services by building new services, analytics- and marketing tools – for you and your partners to reach out to a bigger audience.

Our latest development is the Phonofile Campaign Page – a brand new campaign page generator now available to all labels in our Label Login. We’ve seen that there is a clear need among our labels for more effective creating of campaign pages for online campaigns. So we decided to build a free, top notch campaign page generator: An easy way for you to promote your releases – without having to spend time and money on web development. With the Phonofile Campaign Page tool you will be able to create a fresh campaign page for any given product with just a few simple steps. The generated campaign pages you produce can be used as a landing page for your social media campaigns, for your Google Adwords campaigns or any other campaign you might want to run, and all other places where you may find it beneficial to have a campaign page. In addition, the Phonofile Campaign Page enables you to track all traffic on your pages – and of course you will be able to customize the design to suit your brand.

We hope you like our new service! Feel free to send us feedback to the following address:

This is how you create a free campaign page for your release:

Step 1) Create a Phonofile Campaign Page

Select Promotion in Label Login

Create a Phonofile Campaign Page

Create a campaign Site by selecting “Promotion” in Label Login. This button will be visible on all your releases.

Step 2) View your new Phonofile Campaign page

By clicking “Open site” your can view your new campaign page in a new window. The default link to your campaign page will be 

Open Campaign Site

View your new Campaign page


Example Output:

View Campaign Site



Step 3) Customize your Phonofile Campaign Page

Customize your Campagn Page

Customize your Campagn Page

By clicking “Customize” you will be able customize your new Phonofile Campaign Page.

On this page you will be able to customize your Campaign Page`s fonts, background image, cover art position/size, links, style and widgets. You will also be able to add tracking scrips if you want to track visitors on your Campaign Page.

Customize Campaign Page

Customize Campaign Page

You will also be able to change themes or save your new design as a theme for later use.

Save or Change Themes

Change or save theme


Edit font family, font size and font color

Use the “Page” tab to change your Campaign Page`s font family, font size and font color.

Edit your Page settings

Edit background image

By default Phonofile is using your release cover art as background image on your Campaign Page. Use the Background tab to change your background image. Select “Upload image” to replace background image with a new image or select a template image from your gallery by clicking the “choose from gallery”. Use the Animation drop down menu if you want your cover art to appear with an animation. Phonofile is also providing a set of templates if your do not have a custom image. (read more about templates under Themes)

Upload or select from gallery

Change background image


Change the size and position of your Cover Art

Use the Cover tab to change the size and position of your Cover Art. You are also able to change the color, shadow and padding of the container showing your cover art and buttons. Use the “Cover link Url” to make your cover an clickable element on your campaign page.

Change Cover art placement

Change Cover art placement


Change the size and position of your music service icons

Use the “Icons” tab to change the size and position of your music service buttons. You are also able to add a call to action for your visitors via the “Caption” text field. This text will be shown above your service buttons. Note: If you want to remove buttons or add more buttons you you can do this via the Service tab on top.

Service icons

Service icons

Add a text area on your Phonofile Campaign Page

Use the “Text” tab to add a text area on your campaign Page. Change position, background color and animation as you see fit.

Add Text Area

Add Text Area


Add Social Media share buttons to your Phonofile Campaign Page

Use the “Share” meny to add social media buttons and links to your Campaign Page.

Add share buttons

Add share buttons


Chose “Add” and “custom” to add a custom link

add custom link

add custom link


Add Google Analytics to your Phonofile Campaign Page

Use the Google Analytics / Adwords tab to track visitors on your Campaign Page.

Google Analytics to your Campaign Page

Add Service buttons to your Phonofile Campaign Page

Use the Services button to add services to your Campaign Page.


Click “Add service link” to add new service

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 17.06.07

Add info about your release in the “About” section.

Note: this inforomation will be visible in search engines and when you share your Campaign Page on social media.

About your campaign page


Change your Phonofile Campaign Page URL

Click the “URL” tab to change your Campaign Page URL. Default URL is set to

Change campaign page url


Campaign Page Analytics


Campaign Page Analytics


Campaign Page Analytics – Overview


Campaign Page Analytics Overview

Campaign Page Analytics – Countries


Campaign Page Country

Campaign Page Analytics – Cities

Campaign Page City

Campaign Page City


Campaign Page Analytics – Age


Campaign Page Age

Campaign Page Analytics – Gender


Campaign Page Gender

Campaign Page Analytics – Traffic sources


Campaign Page Traffic Source

Campaign Page Analytics – Device


Campaign Page Type