HIGHASAKITE Photo: Tonje Thilesen

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Are you a PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTOR looking for a digital partner? Phonofile’s system is developed for full transparency and easy export to Excel reporting throughout super-user levels. Build your own search and export to Excel or as CSV file in seconds. Click HERE to get in touch with us for a specific offer.
Are you a RECORDING LABEL looking for a distributor? In addition to being a high end digital distributor, Phonofile also have produced a digital marketing and social media step-by-step setup skills development programme which you can use for developing your efforts in this field. We have also created tools for servicing your A&R planning, market monitoring and reporting to your artists. Click here to see more of our service explained.
Please file an easy application online HERE for reviewing our terms and agreement.
(You need to be a registered company to distribute your music through Phonofile.)

Are you a RECORDING ARTIST looking for a distributor? You can do a direct deal with us, provided you have a registered company with an existing bank account and a relevant setup for marketing and promo. Or we can hook you up with relevant partners to help you organise for sale and marketing. If you are a start-up artist without promotion and marketing but looking for a distributor, we suggest that you continue to keep your own rights and check out one of our delivery partners below who can help you out with the rest.

– IndiGoBoom (NO)
– Musikkoperatørene (NO)
– Diger Distro (NO)
– Border (SE)
– Despotz (SE)
– Digidi (DK)
– Gateway (DK)

Phonofile has a huge international network and we might be able to hook you up with resources outside your country. Please feel free to contact us on our contact support email.