Meet YouTube Red

October 22, 2015 4:31 pm

YouTube Red

Yesterday, YouTube announced the launch of their new subscription service YouTube Red.
YouTube Red is a replacement and the result of the YouTube Music Key service that have been in beta test for several months. YouTube Red will be launched in the US on October 28th and we expect a global roll-out in the coming months.
YouTube Red will cost $ 9,99/month and will offer an add-free combination of music, music videos, offline listening and more.
YouTube Red is closely connected with Google Play, so subscribers to either one will also enjoy the benefits of the other. YouTube Red will also offer differentiated experiences and separate apps for music, Gaming and Kids.
If you have previously signed up for YouTube Music Key, you’re automatically signed up for YouTube Red.  If not, you can sign up through Phonofile LabelLogin.
We’re excited about the new service which we expect to provide paid streaming experiences to new user groups and add new revenue opportunities to rightsholders.
You’ll find YouTubes own announcement here: