Phonofile opening UK office in London

October 6, 2015 10:14 am

Operating from now on, Phonofile has opened a UK office in London.

Operating from today, Phonofile has opened a UK office in London.

“Phonofile already holds a strong position in the Nordics, while we also want to give Phonofile labels and artists the best services for their UK exposure,” says Phonofile CEO Erik Brataas.

Phonofile has engaged Dan Garber of Tape Music Ltd / Record-Play as a sales representative for Phonofile’s regional priorities in the United Kingdom. Tape Music is a record label and management company whose roster includes avant-pop artist FEMME, Barcelona-based DJ/producer Alizzz and Finnish producer Mikko Gordon, while Record-Play specializes in music supervision and boasts Adidas, Google and Atomic Skis among its clients.

“We have been using Phonofile for our own releases for many years and are very excited about contributing to Phonofile’s future presence in the UK,” says Dan Garber, Artist Manager at Tape and Music Consultant at Record Play.Also, from our own experience, we think that Phonofile has a natural place among UK distribution services.”

Dan Garber and Trond Tornes. Photo by Zoe Cormier.

Dan Garber and Trond Tornes. Photo by Zoe Cormier.

Phonofile has long considered how we can better help our labels export their music, and an office in London was the obvious solution. With Dan Garber heading up the office, we will have direct access to the UK music industry and a deeper, native understanding of the marketplace.

“The UK is already a valuable market for Phonofile, and this new step will help Phonofile stay closer to the international recorded music industry, we also think that our experience from the advanced markets of the Nordics can be of value for rights holders in the UK.”  says Trond Tornes, Phonofile’s marketing manager. Adding, It is fair to say that Phonofile is getting a lot of support from artists, labels and international industry partners, and not at least from Music Norway who´ve supported us on many levels in our efforts to get to the point where we can actually launch with an office in the UK. We are very grateful for all of that, and for this opportunity.” 

Phonofile is the largest distributor in the Nordics, with offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. With the new London office up and running, we can now provide even better services for all the labels we work with in the biggest music hub in Europe. In the longer term, we sincerely hope it can help Nordic rightsholders to explore all the opportunities in the UK market while maintaining control over their rights.

-I think it is genuinely inspiring to set up an office in London, and we’re all excited to have the opportunity to work with Dan and Tape Music Ltd / Record-Play. This opens up new opportunities for both Phonofile and all the great labels and artists that we work with and makes me even more enthusiastic about the future, Erik Brataas concludes.