Phonofile Royalties

January 18, 2016 10:05 am

Phonofile Royalties

Introducing Phonofile Royalties – Royalty statements made easy and transparent

We’re happy to present Phonofile Royalties, a brand new service for our label partners to ease the process of create and distribute royalty statements. Additionally, we hope it can improve transparency by enabling them to give their artists online access to detailed information for each statements.

Main features:

  • Register the royalty rates for the involved rights-holders.
  • Add sales from other sources (physical sales, merch etc)
  • Deduct any cost and/or advance payments from either gross sales or royalty amount
  • Send emails with statements to rights-holders with a few clicks
  • Provide online access to Phonofile Royalties for the artists.
We are confident that Phonofile Royalty will improve efficiency for many of our labels, and that rights-holders will enjoy online access directly from the source.
We are aware that there are literally thousands of different ways to define a royalty structure. Phonofile Royalties does not aim to solve all eventualities, but rather to be an easy to use and transparent royalty system for the future.
You’ll find more information and can sign up for Phonofile Royalties in Label Login here: