Phonofile Sync

May 26, 2016 11:04 am

Phonofile SyncPhonofile is expanding staff and services, and we are happy to welcome Johan Husvik as music supervisor to the Phonofile team. Johan will be in charge of our new service Phonofile Sync, a non-exclusive service launching today. With Phonofile Sync, we will focus on music placement in professional audio-visual productions, bridging the gap between the great independent music scene we represent and the professional music user.

A sync is when you license a recording to be synchronized with moving pictures, so that the new product created is a stand-alone copyrighted product consisting of several copyrights. Typically, this can include feature films, TV-productions, games, advertisements etc.

Phonofile Sync will actively work with sync placements in constant dialogue with potential clients. Phonofile will be a creative part of the process together with both the film companies as well as the artists and labels, to maximise the opportunities that can be created by a sync.

Phonofile will handle all clearance and licensing for each sync on a case by case basis and make sure that correct value is attached and ensuring that all contracts are in order. Labels and artists will always be able to approve a sync before a license is issued. Phonofile will also clear the publishing rights to maximise the possibilities for a master usage.

The service will be an integrated part of Phonofile’s operations. Labels can choose to opt in to the agreement basically saying that Phonofile is allowed to pitch music to potential clients. There will be no initial costs to participate, Phonofile will as always only charge labels when we create real value through a success fee once an agreement is accepted by all parties involved.

Johan HusvikJohan Husvik was the first professional Music Supervisor in Norway, with over 13 years of experience from the Film industry, 10 of them as a Music Supervisor.

Johan has contributed his work to 22 feature films and hundreds of commercials, included the 2008 Norwegian Oscar candidate Max Manus, which also is one of the most selling Norwegian feature films of all time. He also put his musical signature on the Emmy nominated TV-Series Norwegian Cozy.

Johan is probably best known for his achievement on the feature film Beatles, where he was the first Music Supervisor in the world to sync several original recordings by The Beatles in a feature film.

In 2014, Johan also had a weekly radio show on NRK P13 (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) with focus on great music in films. Full list of films can be found on IMDB.