Phonofile US LLC establishing US office

June 16, 2016 9:22 am
Trond Tornes, Greg Vegas, Erik Brataas, Phonofile US LLC

Trond Tornes, Greg Vegas and Erik Brataas.

Phonofile is proud to present its first firm step in establishing an US office. 

We have contracted the highly experienced Greg Vegas who will be working as Label Manager of the new company Phonofile US LLC. Greg will help Phonofile’s labels plan their US approaches and sales of of their catalogue in the USA.

Greg is experienced from years of work within music labels, music distribution, artist development, onboarding Nordic artists into the USA, and most lately working as A&R for PIAS in NYC.

“The successful opening of a London office last year, and now the NYC office, are both milestones and important steps for the continuous development of Phonofile’s reach. Ultimately, steps like this will be changing the way our rights owners can continue to control their rights when taking their music out to the world.”, says Erik Brataas, CEO of Phonofile AS

Phonofile US LLC is a company fully owned by Phonofile AS.