CRM / Newsletter

An important part of enabling and optimizing online marketing, is to collect CRM (Customer Relations Management) data from different sources when possible.

The data you collect can be used when making new campaigns and/or Marketing Plans later on. You should keep this in mind and try to collect useful data from your fans/followers when you set up campaigns in social media.

CRM data can include customers personal information, such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers, as well as location, and other demographic information.

There is a lot of free tools that can help you with collecting data from your customers. We have covered two of them in our Tools section. (Read more about Wufoo and MailChimp further down on this page)


Ask for data when possible

Example: Ask people what city they are from when they participate in your online campaigns / competitions. Use collected data to customize newsletter related to specific events later on; e.g. a “personalized” newsletter announcing new tour dates to people in specific areas later on: “Hi New Yorkers! Come see me play at The Garden on Saturday!” )

Note: Make sure to always ask everyone attending competitions via Social media if they also want to sign up for your newsletter. Add an extra check box at the bottom of every form you make.  If you do this in all your campaigns your e-mail database of people who have said yes to receive your newsletter will grow – soon you will have a new wide-range communication channel at your disposal.


A newsletter is a very effective marketing tool – especially if you are good at newsletter segmentation. (i.e. sending the right message to the right audience based on information you have stored for the user in your CRM database) Always maintain a clear strategy on how to gather data from your users. Not only from your own website but also from other channels if possible.

Example: Ask all users who buys products on your website if they also want to sign up for future newsletters. Save this data together with the data of what they bought.

Read more about free tools you can use to collect data (like Wufoo) and send out segmented newsletters (like MailChimp)