Marketing plan

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Key points when making a good marketing plan:

1) Set goals and a timeframe in which to achieve them:

Make sure your goals and their timeframe are realistic! (Keep in mind your conversions)

Example Goals 3 months:

  • Goal: To get 600 people to buy a certain single on iTunes
  • Goal: To get 1000 new fans for our Facebook fan page
  • Goal: To get 500 people to subscribe to our Spotify playlist
  • Goal: To get 1000 new followers on our Twitter profile
  • Goal: To get 500 subscribers to our newsletter

2) Define your Target Groups:

Define the people you want to reach with your marketing.

Example on target groups:

  • Men between 25-35
  • Trendsetters
  • People living in Norway and Sweden.
  • Spotify users
  • Playlist spreaders
  • Fans of ”Similar artists”

3) What is the message you want your target group to receive?

Ask yourself: “What is unique with my product?”

Write down a few sentences on why people should “buy” your product.
Example: What is special/unique with this album? Why should the people in my target group listen to this album/artist?


  • Strengths: Characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over others
  • Weaknesses: Characteristics that place the team at a disadvantage relative to others
  • Opportunities: Elements that the project could exploit to its advantage
  • Threats: Elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business or project

4) How do you tell the message?

How do you package, present or offer your product so that it is most attractive to your target audience?

Key elements for band/artists:

  • Products / Music
  • Concerts / festivals?
  • Will your band be available on streaming?
  • iTunes exclusive?
  • Offer free downloads?
  • Clothes / Image
  • Band attitude