People keep asking if they still need to have a website if they have good profiles and presence in Social Media. The answer is still yes, you still need one! Read a few arguments for having a website below.

With your own website you can do the following:

  • You can do extended web analytics and understand more about your customers/fans.
  • You can easily measure Conversions and optimize your content.
  • On your own website you have 100% control of the presentation as well as the content, and your shop is always open (even when Social Media platforms are down)
  • You can search engine optimize your website and be found on any keywords you feel relevant.



Having a website does not have to cost a fortune; good and free solutions are available online. For those looking for an easy-to-use, free solution, we can recommend WordPress – a  free, easy to install, open source solution. WordPress provides two possibilities: One where WordPress will host the website and one where you can download the solution and host it yourself on your own web servers / a web hotel. The second one may be preferable for giving you a lot more freedom in terms of customization and optimization. Read more at