Apple Connect

Connect allows you to share audio, videos, photos, ideas, and more with fans around the world. Drop a demo, share an alternate cut of your new music video, post backstage candids, and more. On Apple Music, anyone who’s purchased or adds your music to their library automatically follows you, giving you a built-in fan base as soon as you start posting. Remember to upgrade to the latest iOS, then follow this step-by-step guide to post in Apple Music Connect.
Download guide: step-by-step – How to connect

Apple Music Content Guidelines

iTunes is cleaning up its store, hiding many releases and rejecting many new ones. This is done to make the user experience better for the music lovers, and is a huge benefit for all serious rigtsholders. Most of the releases being removed are in these categories: Public domain content and duplicate versions of the same track, misleading content, sound-alike artists, tributes, sexually overt cover art, and content with legal and rights issues. As a result, we may not deliver releases matching these descriptions, not only to Apple but also to all other services. Please read the latest iTunes Style Guide which highlights some content they may reject before uploading your content: iTunes  Music Style Guide

Linking to Apple Music

The Apple Music Toolbox allows you to create text links, widgets, and badges to help drive users to your content. Build embeddable song, album, playlist, and Connect players, and create Follow icons that point to artist pages. All links are geo-enabled, so you can publish them knowing that they will work globally. Widgets automatically detect a viewer’s language settings to dynamically display available translations, wherever they’re embedded.

Check out the Apple Music Toolbox at

If you already have an affiliate account, you can use your existing affiliate token to link to Apple Music and earn commissions. Please note that you can only earn commission on either Apple Music memberships or qualified sales in the iTunes Store—not on both using the same link. Learn more.

Apple Music artist FAQs

Download artist FAQs:  Artist FAQs

Apple Music style guide

iTunes have developed the most sophisticated rules for metadata registration. Metadata that fail to meet the iTunes style guide might not be accepted by iTunes. We strongly recommend that you read this carefully. Download: iTunes Store Music Data Standars and Style Guide

Apple Music Pre Order and Instant Gratification

Apple Music Pre Order is a great tool for engaging fans, starting your marketing towards your release and building up for charts. So, how does it work?
– Fans can buy your music before it is released, and get an automated download upon release date. Pre Order sales will count as sales towards charts from the release date of your release.
– You can, if you want to, give a reduced price for fans pre ordering the release.
– Apple Music Instant Gratification offers you the possibility to give your pre ordering fans a track/tracks on the day of the Pre Order purchase, before the release date (up to 50% of the album)
– You are getting the links to your release in Apple Music for your own digital marketing
– When registering your release in the Phonofile Label Login, you have the possibility to submit as Pre Order
NB! Please note – once your release is submitted for an Apple Music Pre Order, nothing about this album can be changed!

Apple Music LP

NB! Be sure to talk to us about this before you put let your designers out on this one, iTunes needs to agree to the campaign. Read more:

Apple Music digital booklet specification

Apple Music digital booklets must be uploaded before finalizing. Download: Apple Music Digital Booklet Specs

Booklet Examples:

Hanne Sørvaag
Trumpet Concertos

Apple Music logo kits

Apple Music badges

Apple Music Connect

We hope that you have had time to set your artists up on Apple Music Connect. Let your artists tell their story on Apple Music. For more details about Apple Music Connect, please go to

Social Media

You can follow us on social media at the following handles. We’ll have plenty to say about the music we are excited about, so don’t miss out.

Apple Music on Twitter: @AppleMusic
Apple Music on Facebook: AppleMusic
Apple Music on Instagram: @AppleMusic

I’m sure you have questions about how to talk about music within our ecosystem, online and in social media. Here are some guidelines for tagging Apple Music in social media marketing:

• Specify “Apple Music” in your copy or use the #AppleMusic hashtag in social media copy.
• We no longer use “iTunes” social handles for any music social activity

Assets and Guidelines

We have a new set of logo assets and brand guidelines. This should replace any existing logo kits you may already have. These new badges will allow for a clean way to direct music fans to Apple Music, the iTunes store, or both together.

Other resources: