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 How to update your artist bio on Spotify?

Spotify is using All Music Guide as their source when showing bio in their service. To get your artist bio listed/updated you have to submit your info to All Music Guide / Rovi. Read more:
Rovi provides All Music Guide with written content like reviews and biographies, tagged metadata like Genres, Styles, Moods, Themes and Similar Artists, as well as information about credits, album covers, sound clips and music videos. Providing your product to Rovi is the best way to get your information on AllMusic and all music services using All Music Guide as their source.
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Update Bio on Spotify

For electronic-only releases:

If mailing commercially manufactured CDs is not possible (such as for electronic-only releases), Rovi could add an entry into the database (without samples) with some basic information.  If you need to submit data this way, use the following spreadsheet and send it so 2 of the Excel file is an example of a completed spreadsheet, should you need assistance in filling it out.  High-resolution cover art in jpeg format (and at least 300 pixels square) would also be sent to this address in the same email. Download spreadsheet: RoviDataTemplate

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Spotify has created a hub where you can find really useful information on how to promote your music on Spotify:

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