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5 steps to create and optimize revenues on YouTube

(This article is about Youtube’s regular video service, not the new/upcoming YouTube Music Key service.)

1. Sign up to YouTube Audio ID

To be able to monetize on YouTube, you need to sign up for the YouTube Audio ID agreement in Phonofile LabelLogin;

Phonofile will deliver all your music content to YouTube upon signup, and YouTube will use these audio files to identify and monetize video content on the service, based on adds from ALL videos using your music, not just the ones on your own channel.
Remember; only sign up releases where you have all the necessary rights.

2. Connect your channels to Phonofile

Send the links to all your channels to including artist channels. We will connect your channels and you’ll receive an email with further instructions. Once your channel is connected to Phonofile, you as a channel owner get access to ad settings in your own YouTube admin.

3. Administer your ad settings

Log in to your YouTube account to select your advertising policy (overlay, skipable and non-skipable pre-rolls etc). You can also choose the countries where you have the rights to monetize for each track.
After setting the advertising policy, you can go to the “video manager” in your YouTube account. You’ll now see a dollar sign for the videos you’ve chosen to monetize, and a green dollar sign indicates that the video is good to go and is now being monetized. Please note that Google does not support all countries worldwide.

4. Inform your artists and other partners to avoid claims and frustration

Once the content is claimed by Phonofile, anyone trying to upload content on YouTube containing your music will receive a notification/warning from YouTube that their uploading music claimed by Phonofile. So make sure that your artists and other partners are informed about you claiming the rights in order to optimize revenues, and that the warning only proves as a confirmation that the content will be monetized.

5. Annotations and thumbnails

Using annotations and custom thumbnails are easy ways to optimize your content on YouTube: More on annotations here:

More on Thumbnails here:

YouTube is a complex service, but there are an enormous amount of tips and guides online.
We recommend that you also study YouTubes own best practices guide available here:
Be curious, creative and explore the opportunities.

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