Social Media

There is hundreds of channels and social media websites out there today, and there is always popping up new ones too. Most of these services can be used when doing online marketing. In this section we will try to cover the most popular websites, and the services that is specifically relevant to the music industry. Managing all these platforms can be time consuming, so you should try using social media management tools.

We’ll also show you a few good tools you can use to determine what websites you should spend your energy on, based on what market/ users you are trying to reach. You should especially familiarize yourself with a free tool called Google Trends.

This is one of the tools which will be very helpful, when you want to understand how your consumers behave on the internet. You will find more info about this tool under the Tools section of this website. Please use the menu on the left hand side to read more about the different channels.

The big picture:

Google Trends


User stats 2012:

Facebook: 1bn monthly active users – The world` biggest social network!

YouTube:  800 million registered users – Growing

Twitter: 500 million registered users – (150 mill. active) Growing fast!

Google Plus: 500 million registered users (235 million are active on a monthly basis)

Sina Weibo: 400 million registered users (Chinas version of Facebook/Twitter)

Linkedin: 175 million active users – Growing.

Instagram: 100 million registered users – Growing fast

MySpace: 67 million registered users – NB not indie friendly at the moment 40 million registered users – Steady (scrobbling)

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