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From the label to the stores – The label’s digital helper

Phonofile is a digital distribution partner for record labels, recording artists and distribution companies. We provide tools for making their job more effective. Phonofile’s technology is designed to give full control over catalogue, full transparency and daily updated sales figures for your releases.
Our business model is based on making income for our clients – it is in our interest to help you make money. That is the reason behind Phonofile’s educational programme in digital marketing and promotion for labels and artists.


Whether you are a record label or a stand alone artist with a great story, a music distributor or another kind of rights holding recording company, Phonofile can help you to distribute and sell your music online. Phonofile deliver to a wide selection of digital music services,
ranging from the largest world wide stores to niche genre based stores and DJ stores. Also, in addition we deliver to several “white label” stores (distributing to skinned shop solutions for customers).

In store marketing

Based on the priorities and sales points you as a rights owner has provided, Phonofile is pointing out your priorities through dedicated meetings in regular contact with the biggest digital services. However, the attention in the store is now only a smaller part of the big picture of the marketing. The real change in the setup for the Label has come
with streaming technology and its business model. Through the last few years, the label now needs to dedicate increasingly more resources to marketing and promotion. Contributing to this, Phonofile has developed a whole step-by-step programme for labels and rights owners who wants to learn more about digital marketing, promotion and sales.


In Label Login you can

  • View details and add contracts for each of the services you want to distribute to
  • Upload your releases, newsletter descriptions and sales points
  • Choose which services, in which territories, to which price tiers you want to distribute to (opt in all or one by one)
  • Check online sales from the most important services from the day before
  • Perform searches and analysis on all parameters, e.g. sales per track or album, country, date(s) you choose

  • Export searches results to excel and send to your partners or use as reports in internal meetings
  • Access, view and export all sales historical data
  • Access, view and export all statements historical data
  • Enjoy top notch “how-to” marketing setup for communication channels and digital stores and view setup for professional analysis of such data

Phonofile Analytics

With Phonofile Analytics you get day-to-day insight on how your releases are performing on different services, territories and demographic groups. Displayed as graphs you get an immediate understanding on how you perform. We believe that access to accurate, transparent and updated data is key for you as a music industry professional, enabling you to measure the effect of your marketing and promotion efforts and help improve your return on investment. Key features:

  • Daily updates from many of the biggest music services, including Spotify, iTunes, WiMP, Amazon and Klicktrack.
  • Compare cross service and cross type (download vs streaming)
  • Compare several releases within the same time periode
  • Create your own footnotes to document your activites
  • Export graphs as images or PDFs

We are continuously developing Phonofile Analytics to provide you with the best possible tool.

Klicktrack – your boutique download store

Klicktrack is your own music download store and future merchandise store, developed and operated by Phonofile. Klicktrack enables you to sell your music as MP3 and lossless FLAC directly to your fans. You can create your own customizable label and artist shops, which can be easily integrated on your Facebook page. Klicktrack can also be used to sell physical products and HiRes downloads once you meet our additional requirements for these services. With Klicktrack you have full control over how your music is sold!